CB Day 11: It’s Friday

Finally it’s Friday, time passed so slow and yet so fast during CB period, guess this is all thanks to the WFH (Work from home) and HBL(Home based learning)… does everyone have the same thoughts that WFH and HBL cannot co-exist too?

Today schedule is:

  • Overslept! Quickly run through emails to ensure there’s nothing urgent and prepare to go out to collect laptop from colleague for work reason… OMG, this means I need to carry 2 laptop on my last day to office 🙁
  • Bought lunch outside since I already outside
  • 12:55pm: We had Qiji lunch. She ate very slow, although she is eager to go back to her ‘iPad home-based learning’. *Sigh* this CB, really makes her clocked 1 year worth of screen time in a month.
  • 1:30pm: Back to work… work… work…
  • 6:35pm:
  • 7pm: Dinner time. Wow! Record breaker for me to finish cooking so early. But Kpo Kia still eat very slow, guess she don’t like my cooking. Another reflection: I still added too much water into the soup today, must remember to cut more so I won’t drink till sweat.

A lot of rumors spread says today new cases have turned 4 figures, luckily it’s not. Hope tomorrow figure remains at 3 digits.

On the way out to run work errand. Trying to minimized risk by taking private hired. After last day is not going to enjoy such luxury anymore.

Today figure: 623 new cases

Easy dinner… prepared in less than 30minutes. But too much soup I guess, response not good 🙁


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