CB Day 52: Last CB Thursday

Today is 28-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:00am: I wanted to wake up at 8+am, but body is too tired. Finally wake up at almost 10am for breakfast, breakfast is the bread we bake last night, luckily they still eat the burnt bread I made (after ‘chopping’ of burnt part, of course!). It tastes good with butter actually. Not so impressive with Nutella, why??!?!?!
  • After breakfast, ‘pia’ on my Salonpas, it’s been a while since I use patch instead of rub, as I do not need to worry about being unglam of having patches sticking out of my clothing, LOL! I love the “shiokness” of the cooling Salonpas on my aching body. A bit regret why I didn’t use it on my Japan, instead, I was too excited about trying other Japanese brand plaster based on a random online review and got the plaster which does not really ‘fix’ my pain. Anyway, this is NOT a sponsored post, although I do not mind them sponsoring me a year or even lifetime supply of pain-relieve patches ~ LOL
  • 2:20pm: Lunch is wanton noodle again, bored die me.
  • After lunch, continue to select more photos for the photobooks, OMG, this is a bad model for not housekeeping and editing the photos as soon as I am available to do it. There are thousands of photos which I need to choose from.
  • Make my second batch of Ramen eggs again before I prepare to cook dinner
  • 7:20pm: Today dinner is Kailan with fishball, steam egg with minced meat, and frozen CP fried chicken. Nothing fancy, tired of washing. I wanted to eat Kiwi but Kpo Kia is too full and tired. So yah… leave it for tomorrow then

Today, there is no Singaporeans/PRs detected with COVID-19 for the first time~ Yah~ But we cannot let our guards down, this is a long-term battle which if you belittled it, you will get bitten real hard and pain.

Today figure: 373 new cases

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