CB Day 51: Last CB Wednesday

Today is 27-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:40am: Wanted to wake up early but I was so tired I simply woke up late. Breakfast is a cup of old town white coffee and 2 slices of Spicy tuna bread for me. LOL.
  • 1:10pm: I’m very full from the spicy tuna bread breakfast, so decided not to eat ‘proper lunch’. Initially wanted to eat instant noodle, but I was not feeling well, so ended up eating instant oats and cereal instead.
  • After lunch, watched some Youtube video, update my resume, and do some other miscellaneous stuff again
  • 8:00pm: Instant noodle dinner! Kpo Kia ate ‘leftover’ from lunch, and Kpo Kia papa and I ate instant noodle. Bored of serious (not-so-impressive) food I cooked, and too lazy to think of what to buy/ordered, so instant comfort food is best for us.
  • Project of the day: Bread! First time baking bread, so anything that came out looking like a loaf of bread, is an achievement for me. Since I do not have a baking tray big enough to accommodate the bread, I split into 2 batch – one batch bake using my microwave oven and one batch on stove. Unfortunately, the instruction given on Youtube to bake on 200 degree is too hot for my microwave oven, so the bread ended up looking decent – but hard. The batch using stove? They look ‘raw’ on the surface but I smelled burning smell just after the 15minutes on low fire! OMG… LOL.

Today figure: 533 new cases

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