Learn Basic Floristry at Flower Jamming Session

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.”
– Luther Burbank
Image credit: A Better Florist Facebook page

I used to get a stalk of flower (haha, that is how small my vase in office is!) to accompany me in office whenever I feel overwhelm by work. It’s interesting how that one stalk of flower can easily brighten up my day and motivate me to work better~

At times, I also order flower bouquet to gift my friends for their birthday or delivery (oh yes! Most of my friends have turned into Mummies already~) in hope that it can bring them a smile although I am unable to be present physically to celebrate with them. So every now and then I will look for online florist who can help me accomplish this mission. But questions that concern me are always — Will XXX like the bouquet? Is the bouquet fresh? Will it last long enough to brighten (at least I imagine it will) her for the next few day?

I am glad to know that the online florist – A Better Florist imports flowers directly from Cameron Highlands daily and is able to offer the freshest flower for the day. Delivery is usually done between 9am to 6pm, but if you placed your order before 3pm, it can still be delivered on the same day!

I am hopelessly in love with Tulips, unfortunately, it’s a challenge to keep it fresh.
Glad to receive this fresh bouquet of tulips, nicely wrapped, from A Better Florist

A Better Florist actually do a thorough check on the macarons freshness before their delivery, if it’s not fresh, they won’t deliver to the receiver.

What’s more attractive is that the bouquet is quite reasonably priced, probably because the company imports their flowers directly from Cameron Highlands farmers, thus cutting out the middleman cost. Delivery is free (unless you requested to have it delivered within 120 minutes), and there’s no GST on the prices listed – unlike some online florist which will give me a surprise at the final amount, by showing the final price including GST only during checkout *ANGRY*.

You can get a bouquet delivered to your loved ones with an exclusive promo code 
for 20% off during checkout.

Flower Jamming Session
A Better Florist also provide weekly Flower Jam Session, participants get to learn basic floristry and flower hacks while designing their own original sculpture with floral materials. During flower Jamming session, the floral designer only provides guidance upon participants’ request. Based on the individual participants’ design, the floral designer could make suggestions on how to refine the arrangement.

Image credit: A Better Florist Facebook page

Flower Jamming is educational – it can introduce concepts of nature and design to young participants, and can enhance family bonding and interpersonal skills. It also helps individual to distress through the process of focusing on producing their own individual creation.

For further details, you can contact A Better Florist at +65 3163 1525.
To sign up for the upcoming workshop, one can register via, the first 5 sign ups only need to pay $40 (UP$55) for the workshop.
This post is in collaboration with A Better Florist.

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  1. very nice flowers. I am crazy to flowers

  2. Yah. I love flowers too! My dream is have a house which I can grow a mini garden!

  3. You can take the flower jamming course in this case. Think it will be more meaningful to do it ourselves.

  4. Wow such a beautiful profession, being a florist designer. this was such a useful and informative post, if this industry grows, it could make millions. I would love to learn about floral designing.

  5. I'm actually amazed how florists work around mixing different types of flowers and wrapping them into a bouquet. There was a time I wanted to be one as well but even though I'm an artist, for some reason it's not that easy to arrange flowers. I salute these florists ♡

  6. I really appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing such an useful information.

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