CB Day 50: Last CB Tuesday

Today is 26-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:40am: Trying to wake up early, but since I slept only around 3am again last night, 9+am is the earliest it can get for me. Breakfast is a cup of old town coffee and a slice of Nutella bread for me. I wanted to make cup toast for the Kpo family, but thinking of finishing the ramen egg today, so don’t want to have an overdose of eggs,
  • 1:11pm: Today is my turn to pack lunch – Wanton noodle and roasted pork noodle. Also took out the ramen egg to finish them since today is the third day, and heard it’s should be the last day we should finished soft boiled eggs.
  • After lunch, go through some old photos with the intention to look for photos for our photobook, but got distracted instead. Lol.
  • 7:10pm: Dinner! Today dinner we have 2 sets of food, one for ‘normal’ eating – Teriyaki chicken and Xiao Cai Xin; one for ‘maki making’ – I prepared a bit of chicken sausage, crabsticks, eggs, and cucumber. Luckily Kpo Kia like the maki a lot, partially because she is involved in ‘designing’ and helping to roll the maki. 🙂 Since I only cook the standard 1.3 cup of rice (in case she don’t feel like eating again), we ended up finishing the rest of the food without rice~
    Managed to dig up whatever ingredients I can find at home
    She is laying out the ingredients she likes on her sushi

    My sushi, since no one else in our family eats cucumber

Today figure: 383 new cases

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