CB Day 29: Start of my break

Today is one fine day, when I do not need to stress over work… at least for rest of the month 🙂

Today schedule is:

  • 9:20am: Woke up and prepare breakfast for Kpo Kia papa, since he had a concall at 8am, he did not have time to prepare anything. One cup coffee and a red bean bun.
  • 10:15am: Kpo Kia had taken her breakfast and bug me for activities, print out a picture clock, and tried to teach her the concept of timing.. which of course failed, as usual. =.=”
  • 12:20pm: Since Kpo Kia papa went out to da bao lunch, on the TV so she get to learn yoga online, just to give her something to do. She looks so happy, and I can feel her joy, she must be super bored.
  • 1:50pm: Lunch is back – MOS burger Teriyaki Burger. Yummy… but get hungry easily. Luckily Kpo Kia papa bought us Old Cheng Kee Curry puff for teabreak.
  • 4:40pm: Failed attempt to make her nap as usual. So I am back to my lappy… forgot what did I do… online shopping? But missed the NTUC delivery slot too. Angry!
  • 6:30pm: Prepared dinner. Not sure what to cook….
  • 8:00pm: Finally finished cooking and cleaning up parts of the kitchen… We had CP fried honey chicken, and minced meat steam egg. This is my first attempt cook with the minced meat on top of steam egg, and I am glad that the steam egg finally looks smooth like tofu~ Super happy when Kpo Kia asked for more helping and finished my tofu. Her reason is that she had done yoga today and is hungry. LOL.
  • 10:40pm: She slept. I can do my own things. But I ended up bing watching Mr Sunshine. Something is wrong.

Need to buck up and work on the following for rest of the week:

  • Activities planning for Kpo Kia
  • Brush up my bullet journaling, probably rethink of how I should use it.
  • Start on my coloring book
  • Plan on how I can brush up on my English, or pick up other skill which can earn me a living
  • Pack the room
  • Plan on what I need to clear for rest of the month

The new cases rate still remains at over 500 after a month of CB, not sure if we really can get back our freedom soon.

Today figure: 632 new cases

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