CB Day 7: On leave

Vendor laughed at me for taking leave today, when I still stuck at home… but since I need to clear leave before my last day, might as well rot, at least I no need to promptly replied to whatsapp messages/calls and emails.

Today schedule is:

  • 10.00am: Wake up and had breakfast – Old town white coffee + 2 slices of bread. She woke up late and decided not to eat breakfast ‘in case’ she cannot finish her lunch @_@
  • After that…. rot…. rot… Her English teacher called, and Kpo Kia papa actually asked if she called regarding Kpo Kia’s physical wellbeing on mental wellbeing, LOL!!
  • 1:45pm: Grab lunch is here – Ordered chicken rice… need to get the cheapest choice these days, in case I really need to undergo a financial
  • After that…. rot…. rot… wanted to download some educational apps for her, but realised the review from a few sites are not sufficient… or rather, a bit different from the review on app stores. Better do some research before I proceed to install them
  • Print out the rest of her Home-based learning activities sheet to prepare to work on my 2nd job for rest of the week. Wonder if there will be Home-based learning batch 3 activities soon, don’t quite like the preschool apps, it’s only one way for the school to push down information, but no way for parents to make queries/feedback to the school.
  • 7:20pm: After over an hour of preparation, we are finally out of the house to get dinner. Kpo Kia wanted to wear her pretty dress and tie her ‘Elsa’ hairstyle, reminding me of those people who decided to put on make up and dress up to go out of their house to throw rubbish, simply because life is too boring during lockdown (for Singapore case, CB), LOL.
  • 7:50pm: Wanted to redeem my Mr Bean 3-in-1 riceball and satisfied my KOI craving but we need to leave the internal building of the mall to perform this errand. This means I need to re-queue to come back to the mall, which easily add up from 45mins to an hour. Decided to forgo my ‘privileged essential’ food and go back to pick up our dinner before joining Kpo Kia Papa to quickly do up the grocery shopping so we can eat our dinner. Bought Gong Cha milk tea as minimal to compensate for my BBTWS (bubble tea withdrawn symptom).
  • 8.30pm: Finally can eat dinner….
  • After dinner, rot… rot… rot… while waiting for the new case number announcement, surprisingly, Kpo Kia sleep around 11pm. She must be very tired today. ^_^

Today figure: 386 new cases

Kpo Kia Papa has been laughing at me for having cabin phobia during the CB, if kana full lockdown, not sure how can I survive.

Hope rest of the Singapore residents, regardless if they are tourist or here for long, please be responsible and help us people who try to ‘follow the law’. It’s no longer rules set down by the government, it’s a rule set down by the virus… which is mocking at us for looking down on mother nature, and taking revenge on us for being too arrogant.

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