CB Day 37: Wednesday

Today is 13-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:40am: Woke up and have simple breakfast – one slice of Nutella bread with half cup of my old town coffee
  • After breakfast, Kpo Kia preschool have zoom session. After that, she did one activity and go with her Youtube Yoga session.
  • 1:43pm: Kpo Kia papa is still working, and Kpo Kia is still having her yoga session, I was too hungry, so I went ahead with my instant noodle, with the ramen egg which I had made yesterday.
  • After lunch, Kpo Kia managed to do some activity, as she is very excited to play the magic cube that finally arrived today.
  • After that, she went back into messing up the room as usual.
  • 7:00pm: Dinner is ready! Today I tried cooking spinach with fishball, and Korean marinated pork with cabbage and carrot. Luckily, Kpo Kia likes the ‘crunchy’ carrot and ate them despite the Korean marinated sauce is a bit too ‘spicy’ for her (I found it a bit too sweet though).

Today figure: 675 new cases

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