CB Day 36: Tuesday

Today is 12-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:00am: *Sleepy* very tired. But pulled myself up to eat breakfast – half cup of my old town coffee. No other breakfast as I scare we need to eat lunch late again.
  • 12.50pm: Kpo Kia starts her usual Youtube Yoga session
  • 1:30pm: Kpo Kia papa went nearby to help us da bao lunch again – Sweet and sour pork rice.
  • After lunch, Kpo Kia refused to learn to write anymore *headache*. I decided to try to make ramen egg with the limited resource I have on hand, hope it works. Seem like poking a hole in the eggs does not work for me, a bit of egg white leaks out of the eggs, and the egg white stick to the egg shell. WHY??? After some googling, apparently the fresher the egg is, the more likely the egg white will stuck to the egg shell, as the fresh eggs albumen sticks to the inner shell membrane more strongly than it sticks to itself because of the more acidic environment of the egg.
  • 9:00pm: Dinner is home! Chicken Muttabuk for us. Kpo Kia papa bought us coin prata as well.
  • After show, back to watching Netflix.

As usual, didn’t do much today. Managed to catch up on a webinar though 🙂

According to Today Online, till date, the authorities have tested more than 32,000 migrant workers in the dormitories, which is roughly 10 per cent of the migrant worker population residing in them. OMG… will CB really be ending on 1st June?

Today figure: 884 new cases

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