CB Day 1: Feeling trapped

Today is the first day in which circuit breaker (CB) measures kicks in.

The feeling… is “TRAPPED”.

I had been staying working from home since April Fool’s Day… but somehow the feeling is still a bit different today.

Kpo Kia Papa has also been working from home since last Monday, but he get to go back office for a short while today, on the other hand, I have been staying at home for the whole day.

This means, today schedule is:

  • 8.00am: Wake up & prep Kpo Kia to preschool.
  • 8.17am: Turn on office laptop and check email, start work
  • 9.30am: Steal a short break for breakfast – Old town white coffee + Swee Heng Durian bun
  • 10:00am: Back to work…
  • 1:00pm: Hungry… but too lazy to find food
  • 2:15pm: My deliveryman is finally back home. Lunch eating Toastbox Curry chicken rice + teh
  • 3:30pm: Back to work
  • 6:15pm: Off laptop…
  • 7:12pm: Order KFC delivery for dinner
  • 7:53pm: Received called from KFC say the delivery guy just reached the restaurant, and they are in the middle of “packing” my food
  • 8:55pm: Finally dinner reached my house after a long 1.5hrs wait… eat 8 pc chicken nuggets + 1.5pc of chicken + 1 can of coke

OMG, somehow I feel I have been working longer than normal days in office. Because the distance between my laptop vs my living room + my laptop vs my toilet is so near, I nearly almost didn’t take more than 10 minutes break in between.

And facing Kpo Kia Papa at work, makes me feel like I am working on a weekend. O.M.G! It feels bad.

Tomorrow will be CB Day 2, Kpo Kia will not be going to school till 5th May 2020 (or later if the CB measures extend due to lack of improvement of the situation), please remind me to work… I scare I forgot to work, thinking it’s Saturday…

Today figure: 106 new cases

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