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COVID-19 random thoughts

Life is a joke.

Just as I made the decision of not extending the contract, the COVID-19 situation in Singapore gets worsen.

Anyway, some random thought related to the COVID-19 situation:

I am not self-sufficient enough

  • I had wanted to cut and color hair in the salon, and trim my messy eyebrow before my last day, but with the Circuit Breaker measure announcement, this means that I am ‘by law’ not able to do so. I should have learned to cut my hair and color my own hair, and trim my own eyebrow, so I will not need to depend on others to ‘maintain’ my looks.
  • I had wanted to go supermarket to ‘stock’ up some food, but photos of panic buying have been flooding my facebook since morning, and I do not want to be part of the new ‘NTUC cluster’. This means that I need to turn in to delivery. Alas, all the delivery slots are full. I should have learned to grow some simple food for own consumption.

Belief is not enough

I remember watching the Titanic show when I was in my Poly days, there is a scene when the passengers pray hard to god, but still ended up sinking into the water… dead. Religion is good because it give us ‘direction’, but in such time, we will still need to ‘fight’ through it.

Be judgemental

There are too many fake news and rumors of the virus running around, we really need to practice our own judgment on what to believe, and what not too. Even official announcement from the ‘authorities’ might not be 100% true. Just listen, try to understand more of what could be the true, and follow your heart.

Be careful what you wish for

I had been waiting to migrate out of Singapore, longing for less hectic working hours or more flexibility to work from home. Now I feel so like I am living in a European country. The shop will be closing early, I do not have places to go to shop/have “night life”, I have longer hours with Kpo Kia… Hmmmm…

Anyway, after the COVID-19 situation, or at least after my last day, I would like to pick up some skills/improve myself in certain areas:

  • I want to learn sewing – seeing friends being able to sew their own mask, makes me feel… quite useless
  • I need to learn to grow own food, or at least cook better – depending on external supply of food means, either I need to ‘panic buy’, or I need to wait long time for my delivery of meals
  • I want to learn to trim my own hair
  • I want to learn to trim my own eyebrow
  • I need to learn new skills that allow me to earn money without requiring me to leave the house to work


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