Phase 3.3 HA Day 3

2021-07-14 – Wednesday

I am so so so so tired~ But I deserved it as I was trying to catch up on my self-entertainment to make up for the lost time. I could have get into bed earlier.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Taiwan Pork chop rice
    I remember I don’t really like Taiwan Pork chop when some people rave about it, as I thought they are too dry. Somehow, over the years, I grow to love them. 🙂
  • Dinner: Chee Chong Fun with Yong Dou Fu
    Since we will be having another round of Durian, I better make sure I don’t overeat my dinner. So I ordered something light. I thought I can share with Kpo Kia her dinner if I am not full, and she is not too hungry. But she took so long to eat half the bowl of rice, that by then I was full and all ready to go grocery shopping.

I can’t really focus in the morning but I “got on track” since the later part of the afternoon. I think I am addicted to finding bugs and reporting issues. Guess the fussy Virgo is good in QA. Probably that will be my next job…. as a manual tester if AI didn’t manage to take over this role.

Outstanding tasks for July 2021:

  • Organising of 2021 photos


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