CB Day 31: Thursday

Today is 7-May-2020. Vesak Day. I nearly forgot today is a Public holiday, since I am not working anyway.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:10am: Woke up late and prepare a simple breakfast for Kpo Kia – Milk and cereal. I drank coffee only since it will be lunch soon.
  • She ate breakfast and do writing for days of the week, finished her color by code activities. Sometimes, she is a gem when the daddy is not at home (unfortunately, he need to work in office for few hours today)
  • 12:40pm: Kpo Kia do her daily Yoga. It’s now set as my routine for her. Yoga before lunch.
  • 1:20pm: Today another unhealthy lunch – Instant noodle for me.
  • After lunch, we finally started on setting up the community neighbourhood using recycled boxes and materials, she loves painting and enjoyed herself.
  • 3:30pm: Kpo Kia papa came home with Avocado milkshake for us as tea 🙂
  • Done for doing activities for the day… I just want to rot
  • 7:55pm: Dinner is home after Kpo Kia papa finished her jogging. We shared sweet and sour pork rice today

OMG. Read news that we will likely see over 40k of confirmed cases by end of June. God bless Singapore.

Today figure: 741 new cases

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