CB Day 22: Last Tuesday of April

Reminder of the day: today is 27 April 2020… 2 more working days to do after today…

Today schedule is:

  • 8:25am: Manage to wake up on time although yesterday I can’t sleep, don’t ask me what am I thinking about.
  • 9:30am: Quickly catch a slice of Nutella bread and coffee as breakfast, and back to work. Somehow work is like it never ends…
  • 2:20pm: Kpo Kia papa finally came back from grocery shopping… nothing much as expected, not even chips, he bought more rice in case we die of hunger… seeing him slack after lunch, then realised he is on PM leave! So he took over Kpo Kia for the rest of the afternoon while I busy rushing work and exit clearance for my job
  • 6.30pm: Works never ends… I do not have time to prepare the home-based learning activities materials for Kpo Kia *Guilty*. Asked Kpo Kia papa to order dinner. I decided to give myself a break today
  • 7:15pm: Dinner is here, but I heated up last night leftover as dinner, else very wasted…. don’t like to waste food… and sick of outside food.
  • 10:15pm: Finally off work laptop! Sometimes I hate myself for being so passionate about my job, despite not being appreciated by the right person 🙁
  • 11:20pm: Kpo Kia finally fell asleep. I know she was sleepy, but she refused to nap. *SIGH*

3 tasks to do after my last day:

  1. Set her nap routine again
  2. Toilet train her at night
  3. Prepare home-based learning material at least one night in advanced for her

Today figure: 528 new cases

P/s: Totally can’t remember what did I ate for the day

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