CB Day 16: Sigh

Wednesday. I need to keep reminding myself on days of the week, for everyday at home working, beginning to make me feel that my life is no difference anymore.

Today schedule is:

  • 8:29am: So tiring… I nearly cannot wake up cos I was so depressed I cannot sleep well last night
  • 9:00am: Make a cup of coffee with biscuit and continue to work… there are so many unfinished issues to be settled, but CB somehow give everyone a slack…. and I feel that we all are too slack… but then… Kpo Kia papa is on call for the whole morning, this means either iPad or mama to entertain her… so I attempted to keep her occupied while working…. but then… it’s not efficient at all. LOL. I seriously cannot believe there’s companies out there that expect us to ‘push’ our young kids out of our life during office hours.
  • 1pm: Kpo Kia papa is too busy for takeaway, so Grab we come~ Mac & Cheese again since Kpo Kia love it so much
  • 1:45pm: Back to work! Still struggling to manage her and work while papa’s calls continue on.
  • 5:30pm: Give up working. Have to go back to work after she sleeps. Luckily such days only continue till end of the month. OMG!
  • 7:00pm: Finished cooking by 6.30pm but Kpo Kia papa just came back from his jog, so we waiting for quite a long while before we starts to eat. Dinner – Cai Xin with dried shrimp, Cod Fish, and few fishball. She actually asked if she can have more rice *HAPPY*… but she still took ages to finish her food… oh yah. No additional helping because after throwing loads of food away, I decided that the family loves when meals are served in small portion 物以稀为贵?
  • 11:20pm: After dinner, nua again… need to read stories book with her and of course, threaten her to send her out of the room if she refused to sleep… finally sleep at such a late timing… this means my life just happened now. Need to update here and then back to work.

A lot of news today on people quarreling over bubble tea or other food … the extended CB must have stressed everyone out. Chill guys! This is not the end of the world… we can survive! Although mentally we might be broken due to lack of sunshine, happy food and entertainment, as long as we stay home and stop the community spread, it will end one day… no matter how long it takes. Alamak, just stay home lah!  But but… can I go out, my Calbee chips have finished and I desperately need them to keep me sane…I promised I won’t quarrel with the stalls staffs or abuse them in any way!

Today figure: 1,016 new cases

P/s: Now I guess I know why Singapore pools is closed during CB period, Ah Gong scare we go buy the new cases figure for 4D… anyway, enough of crap and back to work!

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