This Christmas, Sunshine GIF you your love~

This Christmas season (16 Dec – 25 Dec), Sunshine will be sharing GIF of love with everyone, you can head on over to Mandarin Gallery for a complimentary loaf of bread and get a free photo and animated GIF!

Sunshine has set up a photo booth at the entrance of Mandarin Gallery where everyone and anyone can take pictures together with their loved ones, and there will be 24,000 loaves of the newly crafted Canadian Sprout Extra Fine wholemeal bread giving out to these booth visitors.

The Canadian Sprout Extra Fine wholemeal bread is made with 100% Wholemeal Flour and it is LOW in FAT and SUGAR! These loaf is baked with Canadian Anthograins™, which is sprouted to increase the grain’s digestibility and nutrient absorption and at the same time, still gives the bread the aromatic taste of wholemeal despite being finely milled!

Since quite some time back, my mother decided to change her diet to a healthier one, her favourite breakfast is usually a slice or two of Sunshine All-Natural California Raisin Bread. While her choice is due to it’s nutrition value, I like to eat just because it’s naturally sweet *Opps*.

Knowing how social media is integrated in our life these days, you will be getting a animated GIF photo from the photo booth to share directly on Facebook and Instagram! The photo booth is also equipped with fun Christmas and Sunshine themed props so you can vary your poses and be creative.

The animated GIF photo save you the hassle of taking photo of the photo taken to upload to your facebook or instagram~
The photo booth operating hours as below:
Date Time
16 Dec (Fri) 5pm – 10pm
17 Dec (Sat) – 18 Dec (Sun) 12pm – 10pm
19 Dec (Mon) – 22 Dec (Thu) 5pm – 10pm
23 Dec (Fri) – 25 Dec (Sun) 12pm – 10pm

You will be able to sample Sunshine’s Canadian Sprout Extra Fine topped with premium SCS Cream Cheese while waiting to enter the Sunshine animated GIF photo booth, While stocks last.

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  1. Wow this is an amazing offer! Bread is included in everyone's breakfast, and this brand is my friend's favorite. I must try this now too.

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