Phase 2HA Day 10

2021-05-25 – Tuesday

Another working from home day, not able to dine out.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Matcha Lava Cookie
    Since Kpo Kia papa needs to go back to the office, I have the freedom of eating my share of unhealthy food! Initially wanted to go out to the central to buy McDonald Double fillet meal as it was on sale. But I decided to stay home since I am too lazy to wash a mask just for my 30 minutes outdoor time. So I air-fried the Lava Cookie I bought from Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Singapore and matched it with the ice cream at home.
  • Dinner: Cook Prawn Broth Soup with Cheese Tofu, Prawn, Enoki Mushroom, Carrot, Pork, egg, 玲玲卷,  noodle
    Evening, I decided to make prawn broth soup. Big Mistake. As I am not sure when Kpo Kia papa is coming home, it is hard for me to plan the timing so I don’t overcook the pork, prawn, and noodle. I think I need to plan better to ensure the soup is hot enough for the 玲玲卷 by the time they reached home.

I feel that I had not been fully utilising my own time, using the excuses of Kpo Kia Papa’s ‘free range’ timing as an excuse. Time to make some changes.

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