CB Day 13: What? It’s Sunday again?

Finally it’s Saturday, I got the license to slack totally again!! Netflix till early morning before I sleep again.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:40am: After slacking for too many days, decided that I will need to wake up “earlier” for once. Once woke up, first ‘breaking news’ shared by friends over WhatsApp is that McDonald’s Singapore will suspend all restaurant operations until May 4! OMG! Yesterday I was still asking Kpo Kia Papa to order McDonald… but he rejected me, and now!!!
  • 10:00am: Prepare breakfast for the Kpo family… sigh. Kpo Kia was feasted on Nutella for the past few days by her dad, I have bad feeling there’s no turning back on her ‘sweet journey’, especially after she keep telling her paternal grandmother about it.
  • 1:45pm: Grab lunch was here, but I am not eating it… decided to try out my Kimchi Pancake again, and I finally remember why I stopped attempted them for so long. They are always in a goopy and doughy texture which I cannot tell if it’s ‘like that’ or it’s not cook.  Googled and found some tips:
  • don’t overmix the batter
  • chill batter before adding to hot oil
  • heat up generous amount of oil on high and then cook through with in between medium and medium-high heat and leave the pancake alone to let it crisp up before flipping
  • adding an extra egg (or just yolk) in the proportions
  • 5:00pm: Finally she napped! I can now enjoy another free classic “Cirque Du Soleil circus on water”. This piece of information is shared by friend through WhatsApp, apparantly,  Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas decide to offers its magnificent circus performance “O Show” for FREE thanks (or no thanks) to COVID-19. The normally ticket price ranges from USD107 – USD460!
  • 8:00pm: Dinner is home! Kpo Kia papa bought the dinner from the stall at our cluster when he went for his jogging. Prawn roll + Xin Zhou Bee Hoon… fat die me.

BTW, saw a lot of posting of people attempting to sell burgers or McDonald’s chilli sauce at sky price on Carousell. I guess these people are just trying to be funny, but ehh… it’s not funny at all. A lot of elderly people/lowly educated folks are on part-time basis, and this means likely they will be out of jobs and no income till the force back with them *Deep SIGH*. I am slightly luckier as I had managed to save a bit of income before my contract ending on the “forceful day” – but I am also worry with the impact on Singapore economy due to this ‘Thanos virus’, what lies ahead for my future?

Today figure: 596 new cases

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