CB Day 43: Tuesday

Today is 19-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:40am: Tired like mad. Cannot sleep last night again. Just wake up
  • 10:40am: Finally finished baking the first batch of Tuna prata puff for breakfast. I guess one skin for one puff is just nice, with more stuff inside the puff. Only started baking second batch of puff after finishing the first batch, but by the time I’m finished, is 11:20am already, almost time for Kpo Kia Zoom session. My breakfast of the day – 1 cup of old town white coffee, 1 & 1/2 Tuna prata puff.
  • After her zoom session, Kpo Kia ‘wonder aimlessly’ a while before I starts the youtube video for her to do the Yoga session. She was super excited everyday during this session.
  • 3:15pm: Since we only finished breakfast around 11:30am, we had late lunch. I ate a bowl of Mr Bean 3-in-1 riceball.
  • Online shopping a while
  • 5:00pm: Time to eat Old Cheng Kee curry puff as my tea break.. this tea, very late… there are a few recruiters approaching me today, to work on projects that will be subcontract to my previous company. =.=” Very roll eyes, the company release a lot of contract stuff, and keep engaging 3rd party contract, no wonder there are so many knowledge transfer lost.
  • 6:10pm: After food, rest for a while, and start to prepare dinner.
  • 7:30pm: Dinner is finally ready~ I bought the noodle as it stated cooking time is 5minutes, but because I never cooked noodle before, I do not know how to handle it, and ended up wasting a lot of time, and nearly burnt the pot LOL. Dinner is Taiwan white jade noodle with soup (cabbage, fishball, Fish tofu, mushroom, egg) Yay~ Finally used up most of the food in fridge.
  • After dinner, happy to know that Circuit Break is confirmed to be ‘broken’ by 1st June. This means that Kpo Kia will be able to go back to school and I will get to enjoy some moments of peacefulness. This also means I can enjoy the yummy desserts prepared by others, rather than the ‘results’ of my half-baked experiments.

Today figure: 451 new cases

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