CB Day 14: Another Monday without Monday Blue.

Another Monday without Monday blue. Need to slowly tune back Kpo Kia’s routine. Else it will be tough for her to go back to school. *Yawn*

Today schedule is:

  • 9:00am: Wanted to force myself to wake up ‘on-time’, but too difficult, especially when we sleep at 3+++am ‘this morning’, prepare breakfast and enjoy it with Kpo Kia
  • Printed out some activities for Kpo Kia. Been too slack. Her 3rd batch of home-based learning activities homework provided by preschool was in our mailbox, but seem like only the Chinese worksheet (which contributes to 20%?) are on track.
  • 12:30pm: Kpo Kia papa is finally taking a break for lunch. Attempted to order Grab lunch, but guess what? Thanks to the UX, whenever I tried to place an order, and my account have insufficient fund, I was made to top up, and …. dar dar~ somehow I will just lost there, assuming I had already placed the order, but it’s all in my mind!!! OMG. After 30-45minutes of wait, I realised the order was not placed, and quickly placed it, busy Kpo Kia papa is back to work while waiting… =.=”
  • 1:55pm: Lunch is finally here; Surprisingly, she is in the mood for Mac & Cheese that I had ordered, and eat quite fast.
  • 2:15pm: Back to slacking…. Did some activities with Kpo Kia before she start her ‘i-Pad home-based learning’. This CB is going to screwed up her eyes!
  • 5pm: Realised I forgot to send her for her nap…. so bring her out to try out the Dalgona Milo… of course the result is…. FAILURE! LOL. After the failed attempted, I went online to search again, and realised that in order to make milo have the creamy texture, we will need to add whipped cream or ovalette or egg white! OMG! Lack of research lah… always jump into things before doing enough research of course will lead to failure!
  • 7:00pm: We decided to run out to get some essential + buy dinner, after staying home since Friday… Somehow at our neighbourhood… almost all the ‘essentials’ I wanted to buy, are essentially not available zzzzz.
  • 8:45pm: Finally home sweet home, quickly finished our Nian Dou Fu, and snacks a bit after dinner…. it’s almost time to sleep =.=”

Today, the total cases of COVID-19 have hit over 8K… sigh.

Today figure: 1,426 new cases

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