CB Day 10: Is it already Thursday?

OMG, time flies, it’s Thursday!

Today schedule is:

  • 8.30am: Wake up …. and start working. Quickly make my cup of coffee and starts the skype meeting… was forced to move over to Kpo Kia’s room because Kpo Kia papa is also having skype meeting 🙁
  • 11am: Finally meeting is over…
  • 1:07pm: We had roasted meat rice for lunch after seeing many photos on one of the WhatsApp chatgroup. Quickly had lunch and go back to work
  • 1:45pm: Back to work… work… work… sometimes feel very tiring… I wonder if the problem is on me or the team I happened to work with
  • 6:35pm: Off laptop and start to order Grab delivery for dinner
  • 8:40pm: I fell asleep while waiting for the dinner, and after 2 hrs wait, it’s finally here! Ehh… Banned this restaurant for delivery in future, it didn’t take so long when we dine-in =.=”

Did silly things like guessing the new cases today and compare how full our fridge can get during CB period. Realised a lot of friends also keep their fridge fuller these day.

Today figure: 728 new cases

Guess tomorrow’s number is going up or down?

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