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Embracing the big four’O

Another four months and I will be turning the big four’O.
A friend of mine who is a month older than me and had been living a fulfilling life (in my opinion) has been busy posting facebook post about preparing herself for the big four’O.

Ever since I have passed my 25 years old birthday, I had been feeling anxious whenever I blow the birthday candle… till I hit my 33 years old.

At that point of time, I was on my ‘lowest point’ in my life, I was in a troubled relationship, I wasn’t recognised in my job, my family members have some other issues that disturbed me a lot, I was feeling like sh*t and wish to own everything but don’t think I deserved anything.

And once, I got terribly drunk.
I had once swore to myself that I will never get drunk and cause hassle to my friends as like what my friends once done to me, and never thought I will be in this situation at this stage of life (hello, I am not young anymore leh!). But I did.

None of them told me what stupid things I had done when I was badly drunk, and even my conservative mum who say me sneak back home early in morning to change to get back to work on the next day did not reproach me.

Suddenly I felt so regret and guilty of myself for not living my life to the fullest.

Few weeks later, I signed up for Hair for Hope. I

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