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Kpo Kia @ her 18th months

She spent her 18th month in Bangkok with her maternal grandparents and her aunty, uncle + fiancée. Over the trip, her vocabulary expanded slightly and now she can ‘speak’:

  • Papa
  • Mama
  • Nana (Banana)
  • Cat (Dog, cats are referred as Cat to her)
  • Duc (Dog, cats are referred as Duck to her)
  • Cock (She is referring to clock actually, as she can point to the clock and watch =.=” when she say that)
  • Mum mum
  • Da1-da1 (Referring to Daddy)
  • Da2-da2 (Referring to Hitting)
  • Bur (Bird)
  • Kup (Cup, Water bottle, Bowl will be referred as Cup to her =.=”)
  • Wa-Wa (Flowers, Socks aka 袜子 are referred as Wa-wa to her =.=”)
  • A-di-ka (Bicycle, Spectacle, umbrella)
  • Di-ka di-ka (Pikachu)
  • Bear (Bag)
  • Coat (Clothes)
  • Two (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. all counting will ended up as two to her =.=”)
  • bow (Bowl)
  • Air (Hair)
  • Noo (Nose)
  • Mao (Mouth)
  • Eye
  • Ear
  • Kor Kor (unfortunately, whoever older than her can be ‘kor kor’, including Some ‘big sister’ who pass by her when we went shopping)
  • zhe zhe (“Jie jie”/Elder sis/my brother’s fiancée)
  • Hand
  • Leg
  • Ha-lo (Hello)
  • Bye-bye
She begins to mumble to herself more and more frequent in language which we do not understand @_@

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