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Enjoy Ayam Penyet Ria famous smashed fried chicken, and more

I remember in 2007, friends brought me to Lucky Plaza for the ‘famous Ayam Penyet’ – ironically, it’s so famous that none of them remember the name, ‘You just go Lucky Plaza and that is the famous Ayam Penyet lor’, I was told when I had my first experienced eating Ayam Penyet. Not only then when I finally learn to eat this Malay dish, I also learnt to take it with the ‘legendary chilli’ which my friends raved to me about (prior to that, the only type of chilli I consumed is the chicken rice chilli)

Just recently I was invited to attend a food tasting session at Bedok Mall, and I finally know the name of the “legendary Ayam Penyet” – Ayam Penyet Ria. The ignorant me then realised that Ayam Penyet Ria have a few branches located in various part of Singapore, but also serve more variety of dishes than I’m aware of.

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Bedok Mall – a cosy setting

The “legandary sambal belacan” – Signature chill sauce which makes a lot of diners come (and returns) to Ayam Penyet Ria restaurant – it is extremely spicy yet addictive. Shiok is the word to describe it~

We started off the session with some side dishes:

Kerupuk Udang &Emping (Prawn crackers) @SGD$1.90 – Love this side, it’s crispy and yummily addictive
I think this is a must-order starter if you come to the restaurant!

Jamur Enoki (Fried Enoki Mushrooms) @SGD$4.50

Kulit Ayam (Fried Chicken Skin) @SGD$4.50 – the sinful chicken skin is crispy and does not taste as oily as it looks… but it’s a dish I will only order if I’m here with foodies who do not eat and count calories at the same time

We were also served Entree:

Tahu-Telur (Fried Egg & Tofu) @SGD$6.50 – I love deep fried eggs, and love it with my favourite tofu (beancurd), served with peanut sauce instead of the usual kechap manis sauce. Love the sweetness and fragrance of the peanut but it’s a sinful dish for the weight-watchers.

I do know Ayam Penyet Ria served Ikan Penyet (smashed fish) but wasn’t aware they have quite a few varieties of fishes! There are limited quantity of fish for each day so do not be surprise if you were told it’s sold out for the day.

Ikan Bawal Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Pomfret + Rice) @SDG$9.90

Ikan Lele Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Catfish + Rice) @SDG$8.50
I love how fresh and sweet the flesh of the fish is, but consider the amount of bones vs flesh, I may not order this unless someone volunteers to debone the fish for me. 😛

Ikan Gurame Penyet (Smashed Gourami Fish + Rice) @SDG$10.80
With lesser bone and crispy flesh, I reckon this crispy Gourami Fish might be the top favourite fish dish?

Ayam Penyet + Nasi (Smashed Fried Chicken + Rice) @SGD7.90
The chicken is tender and not much fat. Love this all time favourite…. 

(L)Lava Boy (Blueberry Mocktail + Longan + Jelly) @SGD$2.60 and (R)Lava Girl (Grape Mocktail + Longan + Jelly) @SGD$2.60

Es Campur (Ice Mixed Fruits) @SGD$3.90

Till date, among the desserts that I’ve tried from the restaurant before, I still prefer the Jus Alpukat (Indonesia Avocado Juice, @ SGD$4.50).

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Lucky Plaza (Level 1)
Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road #01-45, S238863
Tel: (65) 62356390
Open daily 11:00 – 22:00

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Lucky Plaza  (Level 4)
Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road #04-25, S238863
Tel: (65) 62356390
Open daily 12:00 – 21:00

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #05-22
Tel: (65) 67334336
Open daily 11:30 – 22:00

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-06, Singapore 648886
Tel: (65) 6794 3015
Open daily 11:30 -21:00

Ayam Penyet Ria @ Bedok Mall
Bedok Mall 311 New Up Changi Rd #01-71/72 S467360
Tel: 6441 0025
Open daily 11:30 – 22:00

All prices are accurate at time of publication.

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