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Kpo Kia @ her 16th months

At her 16 months, her limited vocabulary expands and now she can ‘speak’:

  • Papa
  • Mama
  • Nana (Banana)
  • Cat (Dog, cats are referred as Cat to her)
  • Duc (Dog, cats are referred as Duck to her)
  • Cock (She is referring to clock actually, as she can point to the clock and watch =.=” when she say that)
  • Mum mum
  • Da1-da1 (Referring to Daddy)
  • Da2-da2 (Referring to Hitting)
  • Bur (Bird)
  • Kup (Cup, Water bottle, Bowl will be referred as Cup to her =.=”)
  • Wa-Wa (Flowers, Socks aka 袜子 are referred as Wa-wa to her =.=”)
  • A-di-ka (Bicycle, Spectacle)
  • Di-ka di-ka (Pikachu)
  • Bear (Bag)
  • Coat (Clothes)
  • Two (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. all counting will ended up as two to her =.=”)
Well, at least she can understand the following:
  • Bring mummy/daddy xxxx – point to the item and she will bring it to us
  • Where is bird? – She will be able to point to the bird decal on the wall
  • Sayang mummy/daddy – unfortunately, although she associate the word ‘sayang’ with ‘gently patting’, she always ended up sayanging herself =.=”
  • Kiss mummy/daddy – she will poke her fingers to our cheek, and make a ‘muack’ kiss sound… seriously don’t know how she come up with this, our endless demo and even attempt to ‘force kissed’ her didn’t yeild any result

On the other hand, these days she learnt to scream whenever she is unhappy… and this makes me unhappy too 🙁

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