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Ouch! She knocked her head!

Recently, Kpo Kia caused alarm in the whole family, she knocked her head!
While we are quite used to it – she has been falling down from bed many times and even fall from crawling on the floor, this time it caused a big concern as shortly after which, she vomited.

As we were not with her when it happened, Mr G and I are out when the grandma is with her alone, Kpo Kia Grandma is too shocked and is only able to briefly tell us the timing she knocked the back of her head (while sitting down on the curb before the kitchen), and vomited during feeding time which happened around 30mins-1hr later. She then realised Kpo kia seem to be restless and not as active as usual. As she is alone, she can only panic and try her best to keep Kpo Kia alert and awake. We decided to bring her to the nearest Pediatrician (PD).

Reason why we did not bring her to A&E: Kpo Kia seems to be much alert once we get to the car, and after my few attempts to tease her, she managed to grin and smile at us.

Reson why we did not bring her to General Practitioners (GP): Kiasee us felt PD might be better than GP when it come to major concern on Baby’s health,

Guess what? After almost 1.5hrs of running around 3 locations, we finally managed to visit a PD – the website of the previous 2 PD clinic either did not update the operating hours, or they did not update the new address!

Lesson 1 learnt: when it come to clinic visiting, best is to call and check on operating hours, location, and the latest time to register.

After another 30 mins wait, we finally see the PD, and happy to get assurance that she is behaving normal after a few simple test:

  • Able to coordinate her eyes and limbs
  • Able to walk steadily
  • Able to ‘reflex’ when her limbs are ‘knock’ lightly
  • Aware of surroundings
Lesson 2 learnt: we can always do simple things to do a first round screening to check how serious is the impact of a fall
Lesson 3 learnt: after talking to PD, I suspect the reason why Kpo Kia only show her alertness after she got on the car might be because she is shock from the vomit and how her Grandma react after her vomiting, I think if adult is panic, it will cause unnecessary distress on the kid.
Lesson 4 learnt: while waiting for the PD, we are given a list on what to monitor for the next 24 hours (while I personally think it’s best to monitor for the next 2-3 days) when a child fell and injured his head:
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Unconsciously, even briefly
  • Changes in behaviour: becomes confused, delirious or difficult to arouse
  • Complaint of severe, worsening or persistent headache
  • Neck pain
  • Inability to walk or talk normally
  • Has anything suggesting a convulsion, fit or spasm or of the face or limbs
  • Bleeding or watery discharge from the ear or nose.
Luckily it’s a false alarm and everything goes well for Kpo Kia, I am blessed she has been healthy and strong for 2016, hope she will continue to be the same for 2017 and thereafter 🙂

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