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Goodbye, 2016~~

2016 is a slow year for me, there’s not much progress in certain aspect of my life but it still turn out to be a good year overall.

Some little achievements and things that keep me happy in the year of 2016:

  • I managed to win a bonus price from NLB for thr contest. Kpo Kia cuteness is simply irresistible at times? 😛
  • I managed to nurse Kpo Kia for a good 10 months, even nurse her in public (covered of course!) at times. Although I can’t fully breastfeed her due to a lot of reasons, I am glad I tried my best to give her whatever I can and exceeded my personal target of 6 months.
  • I am blessed with Kpo kia’s progress for the year – she has been so far progressing well and healthy, and despite the crying and complaining at times, I would say she is a happy girl most of the time.
  • I’m back to attending events and I love having the exposure to people and things from all walks of life.
  • Make a few cake from raw ingredients instead of ready mixed ingredient, they don’t exactly look presentable, but at least they are edible, and eh… hahha, I’m proud of this achievement.
  • God knows I can cook porridge and most of the time Kpo Kia managed to finish them! I never thought I will be able to learn to cook “new” food but I did managed to do up something for Kpo Kia and Mr G and managed to finish the food and survived!
  • I actually managed to go photoshoot with Kpo Kia, baby carrying her and shot something!
  • Bring Kpo Kia to join a play date she enjoyed it! (Though I can’t be sure of the host and other mummies who got busy with her pouring of packet drinks on the floor and their babies!)
  • ‘Although we didn’t managed to go overseas after making the passport for Kpo Kia, we went to our first staycation and we certainly had a great time exploring different part of Singapore!
  • Thanks to Mr G being a hands on dad who can managed Kpo Kia well, I get to attend Les Miersables play and Mayday concerts~
  • Gosh, I can get green! My single stalk of Kang Kong grow from a little seeds to a stalk of vegetable! 😛
  • It’s been a long time since I last addicted to any games, and I am glad that I managed to clear the Gen 1 pokedex of the Pokemon GO mobile phone game (except for the regional and Gen 2 monsters) which I somehow got addicted. What’s more, I got 4 of them before the last day of the year.

Let’s look forward to a better year for 2017!

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