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FREE $5 SuperMom Vouchers for Baby Fair 2017 ( 17-19 Feb 2017 @ Marina Bay Sand, Singapore)

Going to Baby Fair become a favourite shopping events for Mr. G and I ever since we found out about Kpo Kia, we can get almost everything we need (and don’t need) all in the same event. As a first time parents, Mr G & I are like little kids, amazed at a lot of innovative items available for babies and little kids in the Baby Fair, which can differs at each fair.

The few times I went to the Baby Fair I got myself tons of stuff like the maternity underwear, maternity shorts, nursing shawl, pump, diapers, strollers, milk bottles, milk warmer, Play mat, Playpen, Cleansers, etc and etc.

SuperMom is giving away FREE $5 SuperMom Vouchers to be used at the Baby Fair 2017 happening on 17-19 Feb 2017 @ MBS

  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in your NRIC and your kid’s Birthdate / EDD, and click on “Add to cart” button
  3. You will see a cost of $5 unit price for the SuperMom Vouchers, enter the discount code: SMCF5 and tada~ the grand total will be refresh to $0.00. You can proceed to check out!
  4. You will need to complete the checkout with more detail in order to get the voucher.

Some tips I learnt over my few trips to the fair (before I popped and after Kpo Kia is popped)…

  • Tips #1: Prepare the shopping list in advanced on what you might required to get from the Baby Fair (Leave a comment below if you would like me to post my baby shopping checklist here.)
  • Tips #2: Plan your logistic. Are you pregnant? Estimate how long you might hang around in the fair so you will not tired yourself mad. You kid(s) is/are already out? Best is to get someone to help you to take care of your kid so they will not be squashed in the fair by the crowd. If there’s no one who can help, decide between how you can carry baby around in the fair for that 2-3 hours — Stroller? Carrier? Each have it’s pros and cons.
  • Tips #3: Plan your route, if you didn’t managed to get the map of the stalls beforehand, make sure you check the map out at the entrance. Look for where are the stalls selling the items you are getting, and plan carefully so you will not waste too much energy walking.
  • Tips #4: How to get the best bargain? Usually better discounts are offered if you buy the same item in pairs or more, e.g. maternity underwear, nursing shawl, etc. If you do not need ‘backup’, you can share the deals with mummies and see who might be interest to share the deals with you.
  • Tips #5: How are you getting your loot home? Some provide delivery services and some allow you to pick up another day in their service, check before you proceed with your bulk purchase.

Enjoy shopping~

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