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Kpo Kia @ her 15th months – Baby vocabulary

At her 15 months, her limited vocabulary includes the following words:

  • Papa
  • Mama
  • Nana (She is refering to banana actually, she LOVES banana and she can always identify it in supermarket)
  • Cat (She can point to cat and shout ‘cat’, but she also point to my boss’s dog and call it ‘cat’, so I wonders what is her definition of ‘cat’ sometimes)
  • Cock (She is refering to clock actually, as she can point to the clock and watch =.=” when she say that)
  • Mum mum
  • Da-da
  • Daaaaaa-de (She used to be able to say daddy, but somehow these days she only say ‘da-da’)
  • Bur (Bird, she recognised the decal on our wall)

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