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Hello 2016!

Time flies.
I guess the older you get, the faster time passed by.
And serious, time flies when you have a baby at home, from discovering that I am pregnant, to heavily pregnant, to having her in my arm, time really zoom faster than I can imagine.

There are a lot of things I wish to accomplished in 2015, but didn’t managed to achieve. Some due to my incompetency, some due to the unplanned pregnancy. Regardless, having Leticia healthy and smiling in my arm ends up being my greatest accomplishment in 2015.

I remember my Japanese sensei (teacher) once asked us a question, if we can choose to either to back to the past or go to the future, which will we choose. Most of our classmates choose to go back to the past, mostly to right some wrong, but surprisingly, an “auntie” (I was in my late 20s or early 30s then, so the late 40s lady is consider auntie to me) say she would like to go to the future – reason is, there is no use looking back at the past, we should look forward to our future. That is the first time I realised, I have been looking back at my past too frequently, and I missed out looking forward to my future.

Today, I wish to look forward to the year 2016 (which will pass faster than 2015 since I am one year older again!) and I wish I can proudly share my achievement by the end of the year.

What I wish to achieve in 2016:

  • Give Leticia a healthy diet and breastfeed her for at least first 6 months of her life
  • Find my strength and focus to work on them
  • Become more presentable, I look too auntie/maid-like
  • Improve on my interest, procrastinating is not doing me any good
  • SLIM DOWN to my target weight! (when can I ever go back to my pre-pregnancy weight?)
  • Master the art in communication and improve my command of languages


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