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Hello 2019~

It’s the moment of the year again, when I need to wave good bye to my past and welcome the whole New Year regardless if I longed for it, or not. So let me do some recap on my wishes… Continue Reading →

Hello 2018!

2017 has been a really busy year for me, so busy that it passed by even before I can achieve any thing. Believe I mentioned before in this blog that I will always come up a list of goals before… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, 2016~~

2016 is a slow year for me, there’s not much progress in certain aspect of my life but it still turn out to be a good year overall. Some little achievements and things that keep me happy in the year… Continue Reading →

Hello 2016!

Time flies.I guess the older you get, the faster time passed by.And serious, time flies when you have a baby at home, from discovering that I am pregnant, to heavily pregnant, to having her in my arm, time really zoom… Continue Reading →


2014年,终于有了我梦寐以求的房子,也嫁给了我心爱的男人。曾经老是嚷嚷着要搬出去的我,却悄悄地哭了几天。曾经脾气火爆任性的我,终于了解两个人相爱不容易,天天面对相处更难。 因为能力有限,做事事倍功半,本来对房子和婚礼有一大堆憧憬和幻想,却没能力没时间好好实践。 2015年,告诉自己要在工作冲刺之余,享受人生,想多经历一些,想再进步一点。晋走活动报名了,想一个人去走走,拍照的国家也想好了,希望好好充实自己。 可惜人算不如天算,计划赶不上变化,上天给了我们一个意外的小礼物。小礼物让我一下子“升级“ 了,可是有得必有失,为了可以升级,我的计划全泡汤了。有好几个月,我什么都不想做;有好几个月,我什么都不能做;有好几个月,我什么都来不及做。一年就这么过了,主要都辗转在工作与宝贝之间,忽略了许多人,幸好大家都很宽容,很体谅。 觉得2015年是一个感恩之年。也许是因为体验多了,终于也比较会体谅别人了,也了解别人花在我身上的每一分钟,其实并不理所当然。他们每花一分钟在我身上,他们就少了一分钟给他们自己,我终于学会心存感恩地面对他们,即使他们并不知道。 2015年,我做得太少,学得太慢,却也没停过,希望接下来的日子里,我可以更进步一些。加油!

So fast… we are going to say bye bye to 2014

Time to get a new make over for my blog, it’s been such a busy and fulfilling year I didn’t even realised we are just few days away from 2015.

Hello 2014!

Hello 2014! How did you spent your New Year eve and New Year?Went to theme restaurant for both my lunch and dinner on New Year eve and was showering while everyone in Singapore was busy counting down and eh… yes,… Continue Reading →

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