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Burning. Palm Oil. Haze.

While waiting for the moment to come… I need to keep myself occupied to keep myself sane, as I decided to read up more, hopefully can help indirect transfer the knowledge to my deary.

Happened to come across this video and it touched my heart especially with the “haze craze” happening now in Singapore:

In case if you are not aware, it’s haze period in Singapore again. The ‘season’ change from year to year, and this year is the second year with most serious haze case since I have memories about the haze in Singapore. The most serious case I remembered so far is in July 2013, which the PSI hit 400. I wasn’t working then, so I have the luxury to hide at home, and hide from the haze most of the time, but I remembered it hit Singapore so much that N95 mask gets out of stock and everyone start purchasing the mask online.

Since then, it seems like the Singapore government begin to treat the management of haze like a crisis management and they managed to standby a bit of N95 mask to distribute to the people whenever haze period is here. Although their support is limited, I guess we still need to be appreciative towards them? (FYI, I was never a supporter of PAP… but I guess a bit of appreciation should goes to those who made an effort. LOL)

Back to the video, if you have the patience to finished watching it, you would have know that unfortunately, a couple of big companies listed in Singapore and Malaysia play a great part in contributing to the fire burning of forest for the palm oil plantations. 🙁

Now I can understand better why the locals in Bali love tourist so much, unlike the ‘sad’ life of the locals in Palembang – who are earning peanuts through hard labour and hurt the land which they are staying and impact the health of the locals, the locals in Bali earn much more through tourism spending.

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