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Baby Preparation

Parenthood: Packing for Staycation

Recently had our first staycation with Miss Kpo since she was popped. Parenthood really changed our practices a lot. Usually for my traveling/staycation, I would have packed weeks ago (Haha! I have a weird practice of start packing at least… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Waiting Game

Have started my maternity leave much earlier than EDD as I wish to have a break from the crowded peak hour train, and I thought she might like to come out earlier… but then… sometimes planning is just planning… she… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Is it too late?

While waiting for some signs… my mind starts to wonder and think of the thousands things I should do before my dear pops out…Is it too late to look for newborn photography package now… 🙁 Image credit: Flickr (Oli Young)

Pregnant Journal: Baby Day

And so today is a baby day…. Station 1In the morning, we went to the Thomson Medical Hospital Tour. Although we have already completed our pre-admission to the room, we still wish to ‘tour around’ just to ensure we know… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Confinement lady hunt

I sort of make up my mind to engage a confinement lady once I know I am pregnant. Reason why I didn’t seek the elderly’s help: I wish myself to have the confinement in an environment where I feel most… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Journal: Baby Shower Ideas

Image courtesy of m_bartosch at Haha, I know people might think it’s a bit too early but learning from my previous experience in my wedding preparation, I sincerely wish to plan something nice for our princess. I guess I… Continue Reading →

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