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Beauty time: I need to top up my beauty closet

Soon I will have my own room with my own space…

Time is running out and there are a lot of decisions to be made, we are trying so hard to make things happened but there’s so much obstacle to it. It’s been a stressful period, when I was expected to spent 200% of my time in my work – I seriously have not much time for myself, let alone thinking of how to beautify my new space.

Was cleaning up my wardrobe and I realised my plain dresses are lonely – I need some accessories and jewellery to brighten them up. Unfortunately, the shops are always closed by the time I finished work and have a decent dinner with G. Guess this give me a very valid reasons to start my online shopping spree but where is a good site where can I get to buy jewellery online?

Was thinking of posting the question on Facebook and I come across this ad:

OMG! Facebook is evil! It knows what I’m thinking!

Found some earrings which having the design I thought is interesting but guess G will think otherwise LOL!!

Talking about online shopping, need to bring up one point; it’s always worth to do some research online before you start your online spree. There are quite a few store that provides competitive prices but unacceptable qualities, there’s also some stores which constantly have lost packages or take ages to have your orders to reach you… (which usually can be solved by topping up with registered mails – and it makes the price no longer competitive  )

Do a bit of read up and realised the ZALORA carry various fashion item including apparel, footwear, accessories or beauty products from many big brands, e.g. Mango for Women, New Look, Longchamp Bags, and Kate Spade Bags. I like that it’s a “one stop for all” shopping site where I can get different categories from different brands and one only need to spend on orders over SGD$40 to enjoy free deliver!!

Found some more accessories for me which I like…

Aren’t them sweetly morbid?


Suits me when I am in my fairy take mood

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