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CEO Love Workshop – My first “pre-wedding workshop”

How did you spent your Valentine’s Day? This year Valentine’s day also falls on the last day of Chinese New Year – which is the Lantern Festival (元宵节) in China.

Wonder if you had heard of Lovewerkz, or taken part in it for this year Valentine’s day? Lovewerkz is a Valentine’s day event organized by Mapwerkz – featuring 6 days of fun-filled mini events and a finale event at Chameleon Lounge which both singles and couples can take part and have fun!

I was invited to one of the event – “CEO Love – How To Make Relationship Better” workshop by Mapwerkz.
Hearing from Sis that the workshop might be beneficial to couple, I dragged G along for our first “pre-wedding workshop”. 😛

Let’s meet CEO Life coach – Geno Ong!~

During the 1 hour session workshop, the following topics are covered by the founder of CEO Life – Geno Ong:

  • The Tao of Love
  • Emotions VS Rationality
  • The Art of War
  • Happily Ever After


Guess you can tell our dear speaker had manged to keep me well awake early in morning with her lively speech 🙂


Taboo words to use especially in a quarrel.

CEO Life is a organisation that provide wide-range of life-coach courses, some of the courses that are currently available are:

  • CEO Me (Share with us on how can we better understand and improve ourselves)
  • CEO Money (Share with us on how we can manage our finances)
  • CEO Career
  • CEO Manager (Share with us on leadership and management of people under you)
  • CEO Business (Share with us on how can we run the
  • CEO Love (Share with us on how we can better manage ourselves and to keep a relationship lasting)
  • CEO Family (Share with us on how do we cope with our family, especially everyone is facing so much stress these days?)
  • CEO Speak (Share with us on how to we better present ourselves in various situation)

Of course since this is a CEO Love workshop, that’s why G decided to crawl out from his cosy bed and come to attend this workshop in hope to get some tips on helping our relationship sustain 😛

During the talk, Geno mentioned one issue that I had heard from another friend quite sometime back – nowadays, a lot of time a couple’s relationship have problem is due to the fact that we tend to model our parent’s “quarrel” marriage model. It might work for our parent’s generation, but it might not work on our own partners!

She also cover some interesting facts like the taboo words to use when talking to your partner (tried one of them on G and he seem pretty annoyed! :P). Yes! we all know there are words not to be used when quarreling; No! Not everyone will know which are the words and remember when not to use them. Hearing this in the workshop reminds us how important it is to master “the art of (love) war”.

After the workshop each of us get to take away a goodies bag and get to savor the KOPIKO low acid L.A.Coffee~

I personally find the coffee not strong enough for a coffee-holic like me, but I like the fact that it do not have the sour aftertaste and the pleasant fragrant have a good ‘aromatherapy’ effect on me, also, it is a healthier choice for all since the low acid will not irritate sensitive stomachs. ^___^
These type of coffee suits G and Sis most, and they really LOVE the coffee~

G and I personally feel that the workshop is beneficial for those who are considering to move on to the next stage of their life – whether to get a partner or get married. There’s a lot of emphasis on managing the expectation and managing your own timing in a relationship.Unfortunately, due to the time issue – it’s an originally 1 day event, which was condenses to be a less than 2 hours workshop, thus we are unable to get hands-on with more activities.

In the full 1-day course, it is supposed to have group activity, worksheets, case studies and role playing. All course material will be provided, and shall one think that he or she had learnt little or nothing at the end of the course, can is entitles to a no question asked 100% refund. If you are interested in attending the course, you can always email to mail@ceolifeasia.com for more information.

P/s: Ironically, on the very same evening, G and I had an argument – this is due to some mishandling of expectations and communication. 🙁 I was really really very upset and disappointed at first for missing the celebration for my dear friend’s birthday and housewarming. But after some reflections, I need to admit I have a part to be blame and yah… life goes on, we will learn to be better person.
I hope G can treat me like his best friend … and “share with me his Childhood happiest moment” *winks*~

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