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O’Coffee Club Singapore @ Tampines One

Was still sick and tired and need to rest so G suggest we can go “nua” (singlish meaning of slack).
Coffee Club is having a facebook promotion!

Image Credit: O’ Coffee Club Facebook page

On January 2014, O’Coffee Club customers get to enjoy to enjoy 20% off ala carte menu when they:

  1. “LIKE” O’Coffee Club  on www.facebook.com/OCoffeeClub.Singapore,
  2. take a picture of the dishes they had ordered, and post it on THEIR Facebook timeline and tag ‘O’Coffee Club’ in the picture

On top of that, if the customer’s birthday falls within January, he/she gets to enjoy a complimentary slice of cake-of-the-day at any of the outlet! So hurry up January babies!!

In order to get this offer, we spent a bit of time, read till the end to view why =)

O’ Coffee club, the place to gather…


His oder: Chilli Crab Linguine SGD$18.90

I pretty like the sweet and a bit spicy chilli crab. But I think it’s a pity the sauce sort of cover up the crab taste….

My order: Black Pepper Smoked Duck Linguine @ SGD$16.90

Recommended by G, I enjoy the dish overall, find the sauce a bit sweet and the feeling is weird. But I like the duck and the eh… also sauce… yummy… I clear everything on the plate.

His favourite drink: Latte @ SGD$6.90


How can a meal with CF do not end with dessert?
Orange Mile Chocolate Mousse @ SGD$7.20 (contain Gelatine and alcohol)

Wanted to try something different since we always order the same few desserts… end up still order something chocolatey due to the chocolateholic CF… Like it. Although it is suppose to have alcohol, it’s so mild you can’t really taste it =) Too bad the nuts on top of the dessert… a bit too soft, I prefer all nutes to be crunchy =.=”

The service level improved as compared to our previous meal here, perhaps due to the increase of manpower. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the server are still not experience enough to know that ‘plain water’ is ‘ice-water’? G requested for 2 cup of ‘plain water’ and the server told him there is no ‘plain water available’. @_@ But the ladies seating at the table in front of us are served ice-water. So we try again and request for ‘ice-water’, and the other server immediately served us the water =.=”

Also, when the server served my dessert, he walked away after putting the mousse cake on the table, till he saw me reaching out to another server, then he realised something is amiss and went to get a pair of dessert forks for us.

Haha, I think I am suitable to work as a mystery shopper :X

G Struggling to complete the mission to get out 20% discount…

Ok… here comes the part when we are trying to get the discount.
Firstly, if you look at the promotion instruction, it only state the ‘URL’ of the facebook page and not the ‘name’ of the page, thus when G try to look for it on his Facebook mobile app using ‘coffee club’ as his search text, he have difficulty finding the page.
So end up he have to like the page through mobile browser.
Secondly, after G “LIKED” the page posted the photo on his facebook timeline, he is unable to tag the photo correctly due to the apostrophe(‘) on the page name. When we seek advise from the server, we were advised to post the photo on O’Coffee Club timeline instead. =.=”

Happy to get our 20% discount in the end. 🙂
Love this Saturday ~ have nice food, comfy chairs to slack around and nice company 😛

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