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Seldom blog as much these days… is busy with work and personal stuff.
I am currently working on something interesting, and this apply to both my work and personal projects.
Yes, I complaint about them.
Yes, I enjoyed them more, more than what I complaint about.
It’s silly, but I’m feeling great to be busy, feel very fulfilling.

I am grateful that my boss is willing to give me a lot of chance to learn from my mistakes.
I am grateful that my family, friends and love one are always here for me.

2013, I made a lot of silly mistakes.
2014, I am still making mistakes, some repeated mistakes, some new ones. But I learnt that I need to quickly identify my mistakes and find solution to rectify them soon. I hope I can continue to be a better person.

Reflection on day 11 of 2014. 🙂

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