Guess what?
After Brown, どーも くん(Dōmo-kun) have a new friend today~ Thanks G <3 <3 <3

Say hello to Hello Kitty McDelivery~

Keke, McDelivery kitty is putting on kitty spec as I find it pretty cute when I read about it on mitsueki’s post, and happen that JL had given me one pair from her previous business trip. Thanks JL <3 <3 <3

3 Things I learnt about McDonald’s Singapore today:

  1. During the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale plushies promotion period, you need to spent at least $19 to be eligible to purchase the Hello Kitty McDelivery plushies, including delivery surcharge of $4 for orders via phone 67773777 and $4.60 for the plushies. (Not too sure if this apply to online delivery?)
  2. It is possible for ONE PERSON to spent $19 just for a meal on McDonald.
  3. McDonald’s Singapore has set up a plushies tracker system ( for consumers for their Hello Kitty plushies hunt convenience sake.


Gone where the days when I need to go to a few outlets just to hunt for the Hello Kitty plushies I want to get…
The tracker system is so COOL~