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Uniqlo UT POP-UP!

LOL…. I thought I am the few lucky one…
Till I realised anyone can register on the spot and get the free goodie bag T_T

Queue #1
G and I met at City Hall for lunch before we proceed to take the free shuttle bus at The Adelphi (opposite St Andrew Catheral and Funan) to the event place at 72-13 @ Mohd Sultan. We can’t get on the first bus since it was full (no one is supposed to stand), so we need to queue to wait for the next bus, which is supposed to arrived 10 mins later… while the queue behind us started growing…

Love the free shuttle bus, can’t imagine how sweaty I get if I took my own transport over on this super hot Saturday!

Queue #2
Once we reached there, we need to queue to get into the event place. Glad I got G to accompany me there, so the queue did not seem as long and as too hot as it actually was 🙂 We were queuing to get into the registration counter to collect my free goodie bag – a cup and a notebook 🙂

The Uniqlo goodie bag have a Uniqlo cup and a Uniqlo notebook

Queue #3 & #4
Today I am a Uniqlo girl~
Despite carefully choosen something non-Uniqlo so I do not look like I am doing free advertising for Uniqlo today, I was asked to change to a Uniqlo top to take a 3-seconds video at level 1 so I can redeem the discount voucher 😛
So G and I queue to change to the Uniqlo top and then queue again to take the video, luckily everything move quite fast. Thanks JL for sharing with me on the information 🙂 Greedy us also ‘sell’ our particulars to Uniqlo to get a free badge.

Each coupon is entitled the display discount for a purchase, friendly~
If we missed out anything on first purchase, we can go back for another round 🙂

Queue #5

After redeem the discount voucher we need to queue to get to level 2 so we can shop and make our purchase… this is slightly slower, but unavoidable since they need to manage the crowd.

Uniqlo tees~

A whole range of designs are displayed on level 1, so we can appreciate them while queuing to get to level 2 to make our purchase. And JL managed to find us in the crowd to say hello~ She is so sweet today,  looks like a little princess in her dress 🙂

[ Apology for no photo taken at level 2 since I am busy shopping 😛 ]

Queue #6 & #7
We were quite disappointed when we can’t find the designs we liked on the design booklet 🙁
But we were determined to get something out of the trip, and we succeed!
G got 2 t-shirt and I got 1, so G starts queuing… while he was queuing, I start looking around and found another t-shirt I like under the Uniqlo X Noise Singapore T-shirts section.
As the purchase for these t-shirt will be going to Transmission – a multi-disciplinary arts incubatory platform orgnised by Phunk and supported by Noise Singapore, I need to make the payment separately along another queue.
In total we bought 4 t-shirts, saved $18 with the discount coupon 🙂

Free sweets were given to us for our purchase… so sweet 🙂

Queue #8
After we made the payment, G need to queue for the collection of our badges – each of us are given one. I like this pleasant surprise as I thought they will only issue us one badge to share to cut cost =). Saw L (actually he spotted me first), managed to catch up with him for a short while, he still looks the same after we left our previous workplace 🙂

Haha, G and I each took a paper bag to put our loots, guess which is mine? 😛


G looks so sweet with this sweet paper bag right? MY loots inside 🙂

Event details
Venue: 72-13 @ Mohd Sultan (see directions here)
Date: 4 – 5 May 2013
Time: 12pm to 10pm

Free shuttle bus service with 10-minute interval between 11.45am and 8.30pm at:

  • City Hall MRT Exit B (outside St Andrew’s Catheral)
  • Somerset MRT Exit B (public carpark beside 313@somerset)

Music performances
4 May, Saturday
1.30 – 2pm Jonathan Chan
3.30 – 4pm Jonathan Chan
6.30 – 7pm Godzilla
8.30 – 9pm Sapporo Safaris

5 May, Sunday
1.30 – 2pm Hariz & Lincoln
3.30 – 4pm Enecdote
6.30 – 7pm Stopgap
8 – 8.30pm wyd:syd

You can get more information on Uniqlo UT Pop-Up on: http://utpopup.com.sg/

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  1. When you going? I going this afternoon

  2. Someone dress so sweet today 🙂

  3. Wow.. you guys bought quite alot. Hee.. Cool.

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