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Happy Time: Asahi Silver Beat Party IV

We needs to celebrate for surviving through doomsday! 🙂

Both Jie Lin and me were invited to the Asahi Silver Beat Party through the Asahi Beer Singapore Facebook RSVP. *Lucky*

The event is held at One On The Bund and we gets to have free flow of beers. Since all of us (Jan, Jie Lin, TS and me) have never been to One On The Bund before, we decided to go in together after our Christmas gathering.

Entrance of the restaurant


The pretty receptions are busy checking against the guest list


Cool, we have door gift!

The place is actually quite cosy, not as crowded as I expected. Super Dry Asahi are served chilled in cans and you can just pick them up from the bar or the servers nearby.

It’s Asahi time. 🙂


They have live band performance~ the performers are actually quite good.

They have lucky draw in the middle of the event, too bad the Tokyo trip was won by a guy whose name sound like ‘Sydney’ T__T (Lame joke from me: Now you just need to fly to one country – Japan, and you will be able to see two city – Tokyo and Sydney.)

We didn’t drink much as Jie Lin and me still have another round of Tiger Beer Party on the next evening ;P

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