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Love Thyself

Dear Thyself,
And so it’s almost a month since I left my job.
Yesterday Kpo Kia Papa reminds me to utilised my SkillFuture credit, suggesting to me that I should get a leisure course for my own interest instead of career related self-improvement course. When is the last time I attended a course which is related to craft/photography/Japanese? I seriously can’t remember.

Last week when I send my contact lens back to the optical shop, my Optometrist also reminded me that I should chillax and do something for myself other than catching up with my housework (all working mum ‘sickness’ once they get a rest) during my break.

And while I have been busy Pokemon-ing, it’s drains my phone battery and even thyself at times too.

Have I been not loving myself enough? Sometimes I am wondering. I was never a shopping person, and nowadays even when I shop, it’s always for home usage or Kpo Kia, seldom myself… As self-centered as I am, I have somehow put myself down for more important things at time – work, Kpo Kia, potential interest that can earn me a better job / extra income… where am I? What am I? Who am I?

I need to learn to let go and love you more.


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