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My second COVID-19 experience log 第二次新冠确诊备忘录 (Part 2)

14 October 2022 . Day 3 . 第三天

Guessed what? I finally managed to resolve the directional Rukib’s Cube I bought last year!

I was too excited and unwrapped the cube the moment I received it, assuming it comes with some instructions on how to recover it. It was only after I messed it up, then I realised it came ‘naked’, not even with a proper ‘before’ photo. So it has been left ‘partially solved’ for the last few months, till I remember I have some ‘me-time’ now! So I search for my favourite YouTube channel, and found the solution! *HAPPY*

15 October 2022 . Day 4 . 第四天

Kpo Kia Papa brought Kpo Kia out for her enrichment class and I was left home alone again. Remember this peaceful moment is best for me to start copying the Buddhist scriptures. I had procrastinated for a long time, and there was no better moment than now to restart again.

Copied 10 copies of The Heart Sutra (Xīn Jīng 心经) in one go, which is considered an achievement for me. While copying, I realised I am still far away from feeling peace in my heart. I made tonnes of mistakes in my copies as I can’t fully focus.

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