Phase 3.2 HA Day 18

2021-07-08 – Thursday

I’m so tired. And lost track of date and time again.

Today meal:

  • Brunch: Instant mee with Ring roll
    I need to find more good quality instant food. I am too lazy to go out for a proper lunch. After lunch, Kpo Kia papa asked if he needs to bring any food for me on his way home. I joked with him that I want to eat otah, and was so happy to really see them after my almost back-to-back calls!

  • Dinner: Roast Chicken Rice
    Haha…. So I got to eat my own pack of chicken rice again. Satisfying!

Random thoughts: When I was not working, I do not have money, but I get to online shop a lot. I received ‘present’ almost every other day. This 7.7, I was so tired that I totally have no mood energy to shop. What an irony!

Today I heard another bad news, although we are not close per ser, I still feel bad for her. I wish miracles can happen. Will it happen twice this month?

Outstanding tasks for July 2021:

  • SM backlog posts
  • Organising of 2021 photos


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