Phase 2HA Day 19

2021-06-03 – Thursday

Slept very late the night before AGAIN. Drowsy.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Itsuki Kurume Ramen
    I was thinking which food to clear first – the items which are over their “Best before” dates, or the ramen which “Best before” date is almost over. Then I was reminded that if I keep clearing the ‘not-so-fresh food’, I will be eating a whole batch of not fresh food. So yah. In order to pretend to be healthier, and of course to clear the lettuce before it turns bad, I added some to my ramen. The instant ramen broth is very savory and the noodle with just-nice texture. It really makes a different cooking quality instant food versus ‘anyhow’ instant food.
  • Dinner: Pasta
    I decided to clear as much instant and processed food as possible from the fridge, so here I go!~ Finished the leftover spaghetti that had been the fridge for a while. Added the ham that I meant to make sandwich for bread but can never wake up early enough to do so. And the frozen cauliflower with the final batch of fish fingers. Not sure if I will ever be able to cook fresh good that the Kpo family will like. Let’s see how it goes.

Very tired of trying to figure out the tool. My mind kept thinking about it even after office hours. On the bright side, I think I am starting to get more motivated in work.

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