Phase 2HA Day 16

2021-05-31 – Monday

Monday. As usual, Monday morning always starts full of struggles. Struggled to pull myself up; struggled to wake Kpo Kia up.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Instant Noodle with leftover carrot and cucumber
    Not in the mood to overeat since we had a heavy breakfast – we had bread with leftover luncheon meat and tuna. But I got hungry by 5+pm
  • Dinner: McDonald’s Shaker fries and Lotus Biscoff McFlurry
    Got McDonald’s craving after looking at JL’s photo, so I requested Kpo Kia papa to get McDonald’s for dinner. Guess what? The Pizza Shaker Fries comes without the pizza seasoning and shaker bag! So basically… I paid for a simple large fries. zzzz Those who knows me will know I seldom buy fries unless it comes with special flavour seasoning. So disappointing.

Ah Gong gave us a speech today. I was wondering if I should buy groceries online before his speech, but too lazy. Luckily the announcement is mainly on the vaccination plan and to encourage the elderly to take their vaccination. Elderly aged 60 and above can now just walk into any vaccination center for their vaccination without making an advanced appointment online. I think this is a good move as a lot of elderly are not tech-savvy to make their own appointment. And not all of them have family or people around who can assist them to make the appointment.

No red shirt.

No extension of Phase 2 Heighten Alert.

Yay to the possibility of meeting up with friends and family after 13th June~

Nah to the possibility of working in the office after 13th June as I still not keen to meet too many people for now~

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