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CB Day 55: Last CB Sunday

Today is 31-May-2020.

I lost track of time and dates again, I thought today is Saturday! And I am happier than Kpo Kia to know that CB will be over in 2 days time. LOL

Today schedule is:

  • 10:10am: Managed to pull myself up despite sleeping at almost 5am this morning. Breakfast is only a cup of old town white coffee
  • 3:00pm: I sort of dislike the irregular lunch hours during CB, look forward to just ‘eat myself’ after CB is over. I do not need a proper meal, just a meal before 2pm, but since today we only managed to leave house for grocery shopping at 1:15pm, I sort of expected another ‘tea time lunch’. I managed to see cream cheese but I bought the wrong type of cream cheese! OMG, sad die. Hope it can work on my next trial cheesecake.
  • After lunch, rot my life off again.
  • 8:00pm: Mayday concert LIVE on youtube/facebook! Nice! Can enjoy free Mayday concert on last day of May 2020. Happy!
  • 8:40pm: Our dinner delivery finally came – Nasi Biryani for us, since the chicken is soak in the curry, I quickly make do with some seaweed and CP frozen fried chicken.
  • After dinner, she drank the orange juice that Kpo Kia papa made for her, and then eat the prata egg tart I made today. Not sure why today egg tart is more burnt than last round – put around 190 degree for 30 minutes, realised the tart is not very evenly baked 🙁

Today figure: 518 new cases

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