CB Day 48: Sunday

Today is 24-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:20am: Took some time for Kpo Kia and papa to wake up after I woke up. I was rotting doing nothing, but since the duo took quite a while to finish cleaning up, I quickly attempt the hotdog prata pizza. 190 degree for 15 minutes as Kpo Kia is too impatient, but the skin is not crispy enough :(.
  • 2:21pm: Since we had super late breakfast, we only took chee chong fun for lunch, and snack on…
  • 4:40pm: Decided to attempt the Milo Lava cake using steaming method, but I forgot and steam it on medium instead of medium high for 8minutes, thus the cake is not cooked enough, after another 2+2+3minute of medium high heat, the lava solidified! LOL
  • 7:18pm: Initially wanted to make sushi today, but Kpo Kia papa wanted to eat outside food, so we redeem the AOne bento set bought through Qoo10, we have Honey Sweet and Sour Pork rice while Kpo Kia papa had Sesame chicken rice.

Can tell Kpo Kia is bored till mad these days, keep disturbing us. Another 1 week + to freedom from CB!~ Yay~

But I guess once CB over, I will still try to go out to stock up the items I had difficulty getting during CB period, who knows if there will be another CB?

Today figure: 548 new cases

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