CB Day 47: Saturday

Today is 23-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:00am: Can’t sleep last night again, so wake up to  make ramen eggs, ended up, sleep at 3am again… Wake up at 8+am, but my body only managed to pull itself up from bed much later. Breakfast is a cup of old town white coffee and some pork floss roll.
  • 2:35pm: After some whining, Kpo Kia papa finally went out to pack lunch for us, shared Hor Fun with Kpo Kia.
  • After lunch, attempted to do up the photobooks but lack of photos *sigh* I had not need catching up with my photo editing much for long time. Also attempted to play with YouCut video editor so I can help Kpo Kia patch up her version of ‘tutorial’ videos. She really look up to Josie jie jie and likes to ‘follow her footsteps’.
  • 7:20pm: Dinner time! For dinner we have cod fish, Xiao Cai Xin and CP fried chicken ball. My grand plan of not needing to wash pan and plate doesn’t seem to work. Somehow I still need to wash the pans and plates for the cod fish, although the effort is lesser.
  • Initally wanted to bake bread or Milo lava cake, but since Kpo Kia papa made us orange juice after dinner, I didn’t continue with my plan, don’t want to have sugar overdose, maybe tomorrow? If tomorrow ever comes. 😛

Today figure: 642 new cases

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