CB Day 42: Monday, again….

Today is 18-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:10am: Breakfast is a cup of Old Town coffee and a slice of Nutella bread. Noticed that these days once I woke up, I will be busy with preparing breakfast instead of doing my own things. Is it a good sign? No choice, Kpo Kia papa is busy with work since morning. Guess they are rushing to push through these 2 weeks in prepare for the fast and furious tasks once they get back to office.
  • After breakfast, do some simple activity with Kpo Kia, before she started her zoom session with the preschool teacher, and had her Youtube Yoga session. This is becoming ‘routine’
  • 1:15pm: Kpo Kia papa came home with our Wanton mee lunch. Boring. But this means lesser travel time and earlier lunch
  • After lunch, I nua a bit, do a bit of activities, quarrel with Kpo Kia a bit, before we started another attempt with Dalogna Milo… which failed as well after almost 30minutes of set up and preparation and working on it. SIGH. What did I do wrongly?
  • To prevent Kpo Kia from whining to papa who is still busy with work. We attempted Tuna Prata Puff this time. Set to 190 degree for 15minutes, burnt!~. LOL, and think because I do not know how to manage the prata skin, I am unable to stuff a lot of tuna into it, ended up, too little tuna. Probably I will try 180 degree for 10minutes next round, and use whole piece of prata skin for one puff instead?
  • 7:35pm: Dinner is finally ready, I still take quite some time to prepare, but I think because I start to ‘practice’ more, I now take a shorter time to decide on what I will cook and how can I cook them. Dinner for the day – Ramen Eggs, Hong Kong Cai Xin with carrot, Tofu with pork floss, and frozen fried chicken.

Today passed by with loads of washing – breakfast, Dalogna Milo, Tuna Puff, Dinner and pork floss spring roll. Hope rest of the week can relax a bit.

Today figure: 305 new cases

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