CB Day 44: Wednesday

Today is 21-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:00am: Wake up same time as Kpo Kia. Slack.
  • Bored. Roasted all sesame seeds at home, just put on stove medium heat for 4 minutes… Since nothing to do while waiting for lunch, starts preparing Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad) also, lunch is back before I can finished the project.
  • 2:35pm: Lunch is Lasi Lemak bought from nearby stall. Thanks Kpo Kia papa for getting it. He also bought us some chee chong fan.
  • After lunch, continue my project and then back to watching Youtube video on cooking tonight dinner, intent to cook Teriyaki Chicken but not sure how to go about it, although I have the ready sauce all standby since CB starts. Also starts to prepare rest of dinner food.
  • 7:46pm:Dinner is finally done! Inari sushi, Teriyaki chicken, Flat sliced egg (initially wanted to cook sushi tonight), and Agedashi tofu. Inari sushi, OMG, I didn’t expect it to take up so much of my time to prepare the fried tofu pocket, don’t think I will do it soon again after I finished my next batch of tofu pocket (I am using the Chinese fried tofu skin as Inari Age, wonder if it makes a difference?). Kpo Kia papa still find the Teriyaki Chicken sauce a bit too sweet, so need to dilute it a bit next round. Sliced egg, lol, I realised one slice of egg is too little to fill up my 26 inch pan, probably 1.5 eggs or 2 eggs will be better next time. Finally, I accepted that I can never turn steam tofu into crispy fried tofu (Agedashi tofu). LOL. Will not attempt again. I guess I am fated with steam tofu better. Probably stock up on my mincemeat will be a better choice.
  • LOL! After dinner, then I realised, I had forgotten all about my Sunomono, no wonder I keep thinking I need to add some ‘vegetable’ to tonight dinner, and wasted some time on my failed attempt to fry the steam tofu so as to make it a fully ‘Japanese meal’. Too full to finish it though, probably it leave for tomorrow’s snack.

Today figure: 570 new cases

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